New Sales Tax On The Arts in Pennsylvania Looms Again


by Citizens For The Arts In Pennsylvania

The PA budget negotiations have regressed to a degree that should be of great concern to you as a supporter of arts and culture. Senate and House Republicans have dismissed an increase in the Personal Income Tax (PIT) and, most recently, an increase in the Sales Tax, as a means to finalize a budget. Those two sources of revenue are huge, and if they are not an option, it means that many other tax options must be considered to close the deficit. Budget negotiators have predictably turned their attention to eliminating the sales tax exemption on numerous items including, but not limited to, tickets sales and admissions to performing arts venues, museums, and zoos. You will hear varying versions of what is and is not on the list for consideration, but I believe that the greater arts and cultural community would be smart to remind members of the General Assembly that imposing such a tax could have a detrimental impact upon a sector of our economy that significantly contributes to the economic vitality and quality of life in communities and cities across the commonwealth.

Citizens for the Arts in PA is asking you to contact your state senator and state representative to tell them that you do not support a potential expansion to the sales tax base that would include performing arts venues, museums, and zoos.  Many of the organizations that would be affected by this expansion are nonprofit and provide education, access, and outreach to underserved communities throughout Pennsylvania.  Contact information for your legislators can be found at and filling in your zipcode under Find Officials.  Your legislators do keep track of every phone call or email they receive on this issue so please take two minutes out of your day and make that call today.

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