Lew's Danceland

Stein’s water-dances fuel Turbine

June 30, 2015 Lewis J. Whittington 0

photo by Sharon Torello by Lewis Whittington for The Dance Journal Choreographer Leah Stein and Mendelssohn Club music director Alan Harler have created several dynamic site projects, most notably, Battle Hymns, staged at the Armory […]

Bill Hebert's Behind The Lens

Supper with Cardell Dance Theater

June 26, 2015 Bill Hebert 2

“Supper, People on The Move” as described by Choreographer Silvana Cardell is “About mobility and decisions moving you: an action starts with a clear intention and it is carried away by a tide of impulses.” […]

No Picture
Gregory King

Uncensored Art – No Borders!

June 21, 2015 Gregory King 0

Photo credit: Gregory Bowser by Gregory King, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance at Swarthmore College for the Dance Journal Defined by the Webster’s dictionary as “an outer part or edge,” the word border suggests restriction, […]

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