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Olive Prince presents Of Our Remnants

Rehearsal 3.19.15_proof15

Olive Prince will be presenting Of our remnants on April 30th through May 2nd at the Iron Factory, 118 Fontain St, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia.  Her three months in residence has been a process of creating site-specific choreography, poetry, and visual art. Of our remnants is a work in progress exploring the concept and construct of remnants both literal and figurative that are left behind. The stage is set with a collection of chairs, empty frames, and abandoned lamps for a dance of expressive physicality and intimate connections to emerge. In this internal and external landscape dancers become a part of the walls, the floor, the air, each other.

Choreographer and dance artist Olive Prince worked in collaboration with visual artist/writer Carrie Powell and design artist Kaitlin Chow to create a rough installation for the dance and audience to reside in.  Prince and Powell developed an artistic process they’ve coined as an “in-the round reciprocity”.  This somatic philosophy is an embodied encounter between both artists.  Powell views small movement investigations and then personifies them into word and drawings, feeling what the dancers are expressing through movement and translating it into prose.  Prince in turn uses the drawings and prose as seeds for choreographic intention and movement matter with the dancers.

Of our remnants is a moving metaphor exploring: union and death, together and apart, collective and alone.  It is an investigation of the tangible remnants leftover from the process of life and loss.  These seen and unseen remnants are collected in the body, the space, and amongst one another eventually distilling into union.

Of our remnants
Olive Prince
April 30, May 1 & May 2 at 7:30pm
Iron Factory, 118 Fontain St, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia
Tickets: $15 online at!about1/cm9u

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