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Balancing the Imbalances – Muscles, Memory and Motion

  photo: by Janine Bryant for The Dance Journal It’s an important relationship – the one that exists between your agonists (the muscles responsible for a specific movement) and antagonists (the muscles that oppose that same movement).  […]

Happening in Philly Dance

Pennsylvania Ballet Opens 51st Season with Press Play: The Directorial Debut of Angel Corella

Pennsylvania Ballet Principal Dancers Lauren Fadeley and Jermel Johnson in Alexei Ratmansky’s Jeu de Cartes Photo: Alexander Iziliaev Pennsylvania Ballet opens its 51st Season with the first program curated by its new artistic director: Press […]

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Lovertits: Interview with Neighborhood Fringe artist Annie Wilson

“Multiple climaxes, drifting off, getting exciting again, plateau-ing out, calming down, another climax, some snuggling.” In a performance she describes as a “burlesque-postmodern-dance-theater-bad-improv,” Annie Wilson explores our societal views on sex and the real, messy, embodied sex that humans actually have. Lovertits will run at the Ruba Club (416 Green St) from Sept 19 to… […]

Happening in Philly Dance

Spins & Kicks For Coffee

On September 27th at 8:30pm and September 28th at 12:00pm, the SomaticMovers modern dance company is taking over Square One Coffee in Philadelphia to share their spins and kicks of caffeine.  For a $10 donation, […]