PENUMBRA – Darkness Descends On Philadelphia with Experimental Ballet


In development for a full year, this show will only happen once, under the Capricorn moon.

PENUMBRA is a performance of live music, dance, and installation artwork created and presented by a collection of independent artists who have mined their darker instincts for lushness and beauty. Designed to engage multiple senses, the show is constructed in a blackbox environment hosted by the artistrun space, Vox Populi, in Northern Liberties. This is an unconventional collaborative performance which has been curated by Unraveled in order to bring artists together who might not otherwise find one another.

The two hour choreographed ballet dance performed by local ballerinas Marina Kec, Jenna Frome, Caitlin Dagle, and Nicole Battestilli will first address the sonic thrum of Ecstatic Vision, who make it their mission to pummel your eardrums with beefy sheets of psychic rapture. The first act will be followed by Atlanta Import Entertainment with a visual piece tailored to kinky and manic postpunk synth tunes. Closing out the bill, Canada snakes through time signatures and vibrant tones to weave a lush aural tapestry. The atmospheric installation to bring the walls around these performances to life will be designed by Unraveled Founder and Art Director, Farida Amar.

August 9, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Vox Populi, 319 N 11th Street, Third Floor, Philadelphia, PA, 19107
Tickets: $8
Purchase online at

***Photo Credit: Callan Kapush

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