Dance Del Bello Delivers Beautiful Summer Performance

by Juan C. Irizarry for The Dance Journal

This past June 14 , Dance Del Bello a local company under the artistic direction of Delphine Del Bello delivered a beautiful and engaging summer performance with a collection of works that included some all time classics and also new choreography works by local artists. I had the privilege and pleasure of attending this performance and provide you with some shots of what ensued.

The summer show included three main pieces, Excerpts from THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, WHEN FAIRYTALES COME TRUE and ECHOES DOWN THE HALL.



Music: Peter I. Tchaikovsky Choreography: Marius Petipa

One of the oldest ballets still in existence, was conceived in 1888 when Ivan Alexandro Vsevolzhsky, director of the Maryinsky Theathre in St. Petersburg, invited Tchaikovsky to write the score for a ballet based on the popular story. Highly regarded by his colleagues for his fine taste, Vsevlozhky believed ballet productions should be unified works of art combining the highest quality of music, scenic design, drama and choreography.

Dance Del Bello continues this tradition incorporating their professional company with their dance school giving the next generation of dancers a taste of the stage to the delight of all  in attendance.



CollectiveWorks_0395_DanceDelBello_01-001 CollectiveWorks_0384_DanceDelBello_01-001

CollectiveWorks_0366_DanceDelBello-001 CollectiveWorks_0214_DanceDelBello-001

CollectiveWorks_0143_DanceDelBello-001 CollectiveWorks_0067_DanceDelBello

THE SLEEPING BEAUTY continues to enchant audiences, as its popularity pays tribute to the masters of the wonderful work of art.



Music: Balmorhea, Angele Dubeau & La Pieta  Choreography: Thomas Gant Jr.

This contemporary piece choreographed by Thomas Gant Jr. is an earthly and moving modern dance with the elegance of classical ballet.


CollectiveWorks_0743_DanceDelBello-001 CollectiveWorks_0519_DanceDelBello-001

CollectiveWorks_0556_DanceDelBello-001 Collective Works 2014 Rehearsal-001



Music: Cornelius Gurlitt, Henri King, Nicholas Etienne Mehul, Daniel Steibelt, Franklin Taylor      Choreography: David Kloss

You will find a heartwarming story behind the creation of the ballet WHEN FAIRY TALES COME TRUE. In 1982, the Eagles football team sponsored Eagles Fly for Leukemia as a benefit for the Sunshine Foundation. David Kloss, who was commissioned by the Brandywine Ballet to write WHEN FAIRY TALES COME TRUE for the benefit, drew his inspiration from a ridiculous image: the well-known western actor John Wayne, dancing with a fairy.

This piece brings together a beautiful choreography that is dynamic and has a lot of humor.




The musical accompaniment is a compilation of works by five composers who wrote Victorian times parlor music. At that time, most families had a family member who played the piano or violin. The children would accompany the adults by playing percussion with fairy bells, kazoos, or pots and pans.

CollectiveWorks_0963_DanceDelBello-001 CollectiveWorks_0810_DanceDelBello-001 CollectiveWorks_0741_DanceDelBello CollectiveWorks_0721_DanceDelBello-001


Company dancers include: Kathleen Betz, Laura Leigh Betz, Sarah Brower, Thomas Gant Jr., Diana Jewell, Krista Pinkerton

Guest dancers include: William Mcneil, Amy Novinski, AJ Garcia-Rameau, Gina Batista Shifferly, Dillon Anthony Shifferly

Apprentices :  Chloe Galler, Julia McTigue Junior Apprentices: Brigid Cromwell, Michelle Dashevsky, Michelle Nikhinson

and a host of students of the Pennsylvania Dance Institute.