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Putting the Value on the Art of Performing Arts

It is time to start placing more value on the “art” part of performing arts. When it comes to dance and theater and all the multidisciplinary performance hybrids, the support for performing arts organizations and artists, of all sizes, pales in comparison to the type of funding that art museums, for example, obtain. Art museums,… Read more » […]

What Kat Saw


by Kat Richter for The Dance Journal My first review of Footwerx, written back in 2011, ended with the following line, “Who knows where they’ll be in another five years (hopefully in a bigger theater).”  […]

Amy Smith

Ask Amy – Budgets to Bookeeping

by Amy Smith for The Dance Journal This column in the Dance Journal seeks to improve the financial literacy of dancers and artists in all creative disciplines, so that they may develop sustainable practices and […]