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Social Acrobatics Turn Physical in Tangle Movement Arts’s Break/Drift/Resist

September 4, 2013 Maya 0

Experience the throes of social acrobatics as interpreted by a the close-knit band of intensely physical artists of at at the intersection of dance, theater, music, and circus arts, as Tangle Movement Arts returns to 2013 Fringe Festival with Break/Drift/Resist. Tangle Movement Arts transcribes transcribes the diverse challenges posed by everyday engagements into a dense… Read more » […]

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Bryant's Dance Medicine and Science

Dancers as Athletes

September 1, 2013 Janine Bryant 0

By Janine Bryant for The Dance Journal The very quotable quote, “Dancers are the athletes of God”, is often used in the dance community to describe the mix of athleticism and spirituality with which dancers dance.  The […]

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