Your Dance Card for SoLow Festival

by Steven Weisz for The Dance Journal

4th Annual SoLow Festival takes over Philadelphia from  June 20th through June 30th. The festival is dedicated to new, experimental work focusing on solo performance with low-maintenance and low-stress.  It was conceived by Philadelphia performance artists Thomas Choinacky and Amanda Grove. Seeking a way to present their own solo work, with minimal expense, they developed the idea to get other people involved.

Now in its fourth year the SoLow Festival is experimenting  with the theme of Loners and Rebels, while continue its use of non-traditional locations and venues throughout the city. It challenges artists and audiences alike to step out of the norm by making and seeing art that may otherwise never be created.

It is a chance to catch Philly’s finest performers breaking new ground in the raw. Every show is “pay what you can” or free so you can immerse yourself in 10 days of strange, creative joy.

A complete line up of over 40 participants to this year’s festival can be found at from a variety of arts genres. However, here is your line up of SoLow dance performances!

SHOW: At the Gloaming with the Hipster Shaman
ARTIST: Annie Wilson
LOCATION: Kensington Apartment
DATES: Fri. June 21 and into Sat. June 22 @ 5:00am through dawn (with the Summer Solstice)
(Party is overnight and starts on Fri. 6/21 at 9pm. Performance starts at 5:00am on Sat. 6/22 and is 45 min.) And a second performance on Sunday June 23 @ 5:00am
RESERVATIONS: Limited seating. Capacity: 20 for the party. 10 for the performance. Email [email protected] to reserve your spot and obtain specific venue information.
SUMMARY: All-night solstice party with a pre-dawn exorcism of performance art. If you come celebrate the summer Solstice, I will feed you and give you libations. Stay up all night June 21st, party with me, and at 5am Saturday, June 22nd I will perform an exorcism, faith healing, or baptism on you or a loved one. Please feel free to BYOB.

SHOW: 3 – MM2 = 1 (Tre meno emme emme 2 e’uguale a uno)
ARTIST: MM2 Modern Dance Company
LOCATION: The Porch at 30th Street Station
DATE: Sunday, June 23 @ 2pm    (30 min. possibly looped a second time)
RESERVATIONS: Free. Show up weather permitting.
SUMMARY: It has been said “When a modern-dance choreographer creates a solo for herself, it’s like a writer turning from novel to short story. The materials and the method are the same, but the result is more concentrated, polished and personal.” With 3 – MM2 = 1, each company member has been charged with such a task of being both choreographer and dancer. This is but un gusto or a taste of what we will be presenting on tour in Florence this Summer. 6 solo dances by – Heather Fleischman “Endless Peace” , Brianne Scott “Slow Growth, Matthew Varvar “Steal”, Jessica Bryan “Nervous Innocence”, Jenna Faye Eugenides “Inadequate” , and Katelyn Capato “Called”.

SHOW:  On the Rocks
ARTIST: Stuart Meyers in collaboration with Adam Kerbel & Kelly Turner
(Producer: Hybridge Arts Collective)
LOCATION: Studio 34 4522 Baltimore Avenue 19143
DATE: Mon. June 24th @7pm & 9pm and Wed. June 26th @ 7pm & 9pm  (45 min.)
RESERVATIONS: Seating is very limited so please contact [email protected] to reserve a spot. Walk-ins welcome if not sold out.
SUMMARY: A queer clown with a red bucket walks into a room and explodes it into a nightclub. He’s looking for lust, transcendence, and maybe even love. With a wink to the club kids, this fantasy unfolds like a feverish music video. But is this dream built to last? Prepare to be inebriated, disoriented and transported by “On The Rocks.”

SHOW: unlacing fingers
ARTIST: Dan Higbee (Choreography by Colleen Corcoran)
LOCATION: Colleen Corcoran’s living room. 21st and Locust area
DATES: Mon. June 24th @ 7pm.
RESERVATIONS: Artist must be contacted to reserve a spot and obtain venue address. Very limited seating. [email protected]
SUMMARY: A devised dance art piece about a man saying goodbye. PWYC for free beer and a Higbee dance. Beat that on a Monday.

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