Dangerous And Movin’ to present Evol

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The Dangerous And Movin’ (dAm) Dance Company will open its 2013 season with EvoL at the Performance Garage located at 1515 Brandywine Street in Philadelphia on March 29th and 30th at 8pm. Jessica Warchal-King will also be presenting three works as part of the show.

dAm, founded in 2009, is a Philadelphia-based, contemporary dance company whose performances immerse audiences in surreal environments.  dAm’s viscerally engaging work incorporates props, technology, and a highly-stylized vocabulary while always trying to break away that fourth wall to allow the audience to truly be in the performance.

The show will open with choreography by Jessica Warchal-King:  a solo performed by Cassandra Cotta, a duet with Rachael Hart and Eiren Shuman, and a solo performed by Jessica Warchal-King.  Finally, dAm will present EvoL which runs approximately one hour.  The entire show is roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

dAm includes seven dancers:  Kayla Ankeny, Caroline Butcher, Cassandra Cotta, Heather Dyer, Kiera Mersky, Scott Park, and Nia Shand.  In addition, dAm will also feature a guitarist, Jim Swan, for this performance.  Ultimately, dAm will not only show our unique dance style but will also include video, singing, and acting.

EvoL is a story that critiques love in a brutal fashion.  Welcome to a world where its inhabitants do not have love or compassion for one another.  Love is considered a disease; and if you are found to have these qualities, you are deemed a threat to society and are executed.  The story follows five citizens who are “infected” and try to conceal their emotions in order to survive.  How can one cope living in such a place?  Sacrifices have to be made.  Vices are taken.  But can they really survive living this way?   With those in power in hot pursuit, the citizens must face death or fight for love.

Dangerous And Movin’ Dance Company
March 29th & 30th at 8pm
The Performance Garage, 1515 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia, PA
Tickets: $15 in advance at www.DanceBoxOffice.com or $20 at the door
General Info: (610) 659-0459  or www.dAmDance.com
This show is not suitable for children due to content.

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