1/2 Million And Counting – THANK YOU!


When I started the Dance Journal in Fall of 2005, I never envisioned that it would grow to where it is today. Based on 2012 statistics, we had 498,700 unique visitors and reached the 1/2 million mark with in the first five days of January 2013.  What’s more, our readership is already up 285% for January 2013 as compared to January 2012. Our direct subscriber base is now well over 38,000 email addresses. We also have a regular readership through links and posts to FaceBook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

This project started on a shoe string budget with the simple goal of increasing the awareness of dance offerings in Philadelphia and reaching new dance audiences. At a time when print media was decreasing its coverage and staffing for the arts,  I saw the Dance Journal as a vehicle to fulfill the ever increasing void.  As 2013 commences, we now have several paid, regular staff writers, a number of guest authors and a brand new student dance journalism program.

Our readership, while still primarily in the greater Philadelphia region, has also developed a distinct following along the East Coast from New York to Washington, D.C.  Our articles and reviews continue to be viewed on both a national and international basis. Over 165 dance blogs and news outlets now syndicate our content, creating a wider reach and greater exposure.

Today, The Dance Journal continues to focus on its primary mission, building awareness and audience for dance in the Philadelphia region. Its offerings include reviews, interviews, performer spotlights, the state of dance education, exclusive dance photo journalism, arts advocacy and more. As we move forward in 2013, we hope to examine more closely issues which impact our community from race to gender to economic and funding issues and health care.

The Dance Journal also recognizes that our readership continues to expand beyond just the dance community.   We firmly believe in the importance of accessibility if our audience is to grow. To that end, we offer content which can be enjoyed, appreciated and understood by dancer and non-dancer alike.

The Philadelphia dance scene continues to be expansive and innovative, while still rooted in a very rich history. Almost every genre of dance is represented from classic ballet to modern, contemporary, tap, hip-hop and multicultural dance.  New collaborations, hybrids and multimedia projects continue to evolve and push boundaries. Philadelphia is very much at the forefront of these new works and with your continued support, The Dance Journal will be there as well!

Thank you!
Steven Weisz
Founder & Editor

PS – A very special thanks to Kat Richter, Bill Hebert, Lew Whittington, Merilyn Jackson and Roger Lee, whose writing, creativity, support and encouragement have sustained this venture!

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