The Dance Journal has selected five student authors for its new program

The Dance Journal has officially launched its student author program. Five college and high school students, with an interest in dance and journalism, were recently selected to participate.  Developed under the direction of Kat Richter, each student author is paired with a staff writer from The Dance Journal.  Together, they will over the course of the Spring semester be attending dance performances in the region and writing reviews in tandem with their mentor.  All of the students recently met with Dance Journal staff at Culture Works and received a crash course in dance writing, along with style guidelines for reviewing performances.

The goal of this program is to cultivate new writers for dance, but also a new market for the development of dance audiences. At the same time, our student authors are able to build their portfolios while preparing for their future careers.  It is our hope that they will continue to see dance and write for us long after they have finished this program.

Welcome The Members of the 2013 Student Authors Program

Marissa Bottino
Marissa is a senior dance and English major at Muhlenberg College. Marissa performs and choreographs for various Muhlenberg and professional dance concerts. She also works as a lead writing tutor at her school and has been published in the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange blog as well as previously in The Dance Journal(Review: Janis Brenner and Dancers).

Diana David

Diana is a sophomore Journalism major at Temple University. She has studied cultural dance, as part of her own heritage, since the age of eleven.  At Temple University, she was a member of Temple Agni, an all-girls South Asian dance troupe. Diana’s passion for dance, combined with her love of writing and journalism, has her looking forward to exploring the wide variety of dance offered in Philadelphia.

Hope DiTaranto
Hope is a freshman at Bishop Eustace Preparatory School.  She has studied a variety of genres of dance since the age three. Hope has a particular love and proficiency for tap dance.  She is excited about the student journalism program as a way to explore the merging of her interests in writing and dance. Hope’s first review for The Dance Journal was the Koresh Artist Showcase, now published here.

Chelsey Nicole Hamilton
Chelsey is a sophomore at Temple University, majoring in Journalism and Dance. She has been dancing various styles since the age of four and is very excited for this opportunity to combine her two passions, as well as becoming more involved in the arts community of Philadelphia.

Kristen Gillette
Kristen studies journalism at Temple University and has written for a wide variety of publications, including, Magazine, and Cred Magazine, working to expand her knowledge of music and the arts. Other publications she’s interned for include Technically Philly and MetroKids Magazine. After taking dance lessons as a child, Kristen returned to ballet as an adult and blogs about her experience at

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