Mascher’s Fresh Juice offers up a wild blend of dance works

Fresh Juice is a thoughtful, sophisticated, and straight up wild blend of dance works.  Each year Mascher Dance Space Co-Op presents several completed works by their Artists in Residence, and this year, they have  a mix you won’t want to miss: Tori Lawrence, Annie Wilson, The Naked Stark, and special guests from NYC – LOVE/FORTE.  Yes…they are getting out the juicer (literally) and really doing it.  You can sip on a cup of ginger, apple, something-delicious while experiencing this:

“Elizabeth” [excerpt] is a dance on film set in a historic 18th century home and its surrounding wheat fields.  It is a quiet journey between two women, accompanied by the rich soundscapes of musicians Vicki Brown and Mona Chambers.  It is for the wanderers of the field who dwell in sadness, loss, and flight.  It is for those who are drowning both inside and out.  The work is directed and choreographed by Tori Lawrence and performed by Lora Allen and Ashley Lippolis.  Sneak preview on PhiladelphiaDANCE.TV at

Annie Wilson’s “Solo” is a solo about a solo that isn’t really a solo because doing anything alone is quite possibly impossible. Part standup, part confessional, part evolution of dance, part Girl Talk, part ancestor worship, part sequins; Solo tries to pry its arms open wide enough to embrace everyone.

The Naked Stark’s Looking for Judy, choreographed by artistic director Katherine Kiefer Stark, is a series of five duet-vignettes that revolve around the fractioning of the self, uncertain reality, and scattered memories.  Performed by Katherine Kiefer Stark, Megan Wilson Stern, and Barbara Tait, the work includes five wood structures that allow for an interchange of walls and floor.  Shifting continually from a world of arranging props into dynamic movement vignettes that are interrupted by a buzzer, the work aims to create multiple realities and multiple perspectives on those realities.

Through movement LOVE|FORTÉ explores the residue of oppression, the mechanics of survival, and the weight of memory held and emanated in the body through gesture, stance, gait, and expression. Nia Love and Marjani Forte are currently creating Memory Withholdings at BAX in New York. They will be showing a section: “Tasting Memory: Memory Withholdings”- a work that looks at the digestion of memory, how are things held and emanated through generations viscerally.

This show is part of a weekend long co-production of Mascher and Carbon Dance Theater.

produced by Mascher Space Co-op
Christ Church Neighborhood House Theatre, 20 N. American Street, Philadelphia

$25 gen admission
$20 seniors
$15 students & dance professionals

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