From THEN till NOW

Sorry for being MIA from my photo column. I have been decompressing from a crazy past couple months.

So for this week’s column I wanted to take a THEN and NOW type look at myself.  First the THEN …

The shot above is from 2008’s Shut Up and Dance.  Not a bad shot, but if you look, you can tell it is a little soft (focus isn’t that sharp) and just doesn’t have that oomph, that wow factor. Now I’ve been shooting performances for nine years. Yep, next year in 2013 is my big tenth year anniversary.  The first five years was definitely rough, getting folks to give me a shot and developing my skills in the process.  I shot everything from Capoeira, to Hip-Hop, Modern, Ballet and even the Mummers.

Fast forward to NOW…

with a shot from the recent Indigenous Pitch show. These past few years I have really developed my style, and definitely shifted from not just trying to shoot the movement, but really trying to capture the essence that makes up each individual moment.

Now granted these two images are two drastically different moments, but for those that have followed my work over the years, I’m pretty sure that you see the difference.

For those who have asked me how I do what I do, and how I learned to do it?  I learned the basics of photography and then started shooting –  practice, practice, practice. You can’t do anything without a strong foundation, and then the passion to do something with it.  Still figuring out the “it”, which for me is what I want to continue to do with my photography.  At the very minimum, it is supporting this amazing dance community, while still figuring out where my own artistic path will take me.

Right now that path is taking me to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Keep your eyes peeled for another new photo column coming soon.

About Bill Hebert

Bill Hebert (pronounced AY-BEAR), has been photographing performances in Philadelphia and New York for almost 8 years now primarily capturing dance. He has worked such local artists as Montazh, Rennie Harris Puremovement (RHPM), Headlong Dance Theater, BalletX, Winged Woman Dance/Tina Heuges, Nichole Canuso Dance Company and Group Motion among many others in Philadelphia. NY based and touring companies Bill has had the pleasure of working with include: Paul Taylor, Limon Dance, Parsons Dance, Doug Varone and Dancers, Merce Cunningham, RubberbandDance Group, Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, River North Chicago Dance and Pilobolus. Bill has also had the pleasure of participating in three photography workshops with renowned dance photographer Lois Greenfield. Bill’s philosophy and mission is to “Capture the Essence of the Moment” and give the work a life beyond the stage. Bill Hebert is currently a photographer for The University of Pennsylvania’s Dance Celebration series, was one of the photographers for both the 2008 & 2009 Live Arts and Philly Fringe Festival, Choreographic Sketches in NY, 2010 IABD Conference and proud to be a part of the team for the “By Local” series in Philadelphia which will give local artists a chance to tell their story while doing what they love which is to entertain and enlighten others.

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