Tangle’s circus-theater meets science fiction in Half-life

Photo by Jill LeMin Lee.

Eight women on trapeze survive the end of the world—then ask, what happens next? Tangle’s new aerial acrobatics show Half-life will premiere at Germantown’s Funicular Railway Station on June 1 & 2, 2012.

Inspired by complex machines, survivalist propaganda, and the animal kingdom, Half-life is an intricate exploration of utopian visions, strategies for getting through the apocalypse, the organic vs. the robotic, systems, time, and decay. Tangle showcases its narrative, interactive style and builds and breaks connections between the ground and the air.

Tangle is an eight-woman aerial acrobatics performing company with an interdisciplinary focus, whose work explores unexpected pathways between traditional circus disciplines like trapeze and partner balancing with dance, theater, live music, and spoken word. Tangle’s unique performance style captivates audiences and tells a many-dimensional story. Founded in Philadelphia in 2011, Tangle members have studied performance and trained circus arts at schools from around the world to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

Following its sold-out 2011 Philadelphia Fringe Festival debut, Ampersand, and its popular summertime outdoor showcase, tinycircus, Tangle bringing its newest production to Germantown. On Friday, June 1st (7:30pm) and Saturday, June 2nd (3pm & 8pm), Tangle will premiere its new work at the Funicular Railway Station in Germantown (416 W. Coulter Street).

“We are motivated to push the boundaries of what you expect to see in a circus show,” says Tangle founder Lauren Rile Smith. “We named this new work Half-life in reference to the decay of radioactive matter. We wanted to explore what happens when established structures—buildings, mechanical bodies, even a network of friendships among people—break down over time, and what new life can emerge from the ruins. In this show, we travel into the apocalypse—and survive!“ Half-life is a spectacle of aerial acrobatics, dance, and group motion.

Tangle presents Half-life— a spectacle of aerial dance and acrobatic group motion.
The Funicular Railway Station, 416 W. Coulter Street, Philadelphia PA 19144.
Friday June 1st at 7:30 pm, and Saturday June 2nd at 3 pm and 8 pm.
Tickets: $10-15 (discounts for students, seniors, and groups). Purchase at the door or online at tangle-arts.com.


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