Shadow Dancing at Spiel Uhr

Choreography by David Konyk

Most of us know David Konyk as one of Philly’s most passionate and talented dancers but he’s also a very talented choreographer as well. This week’s featured image is a shot from David’s piece he choreographed and also performed in along side Hedy Wyland at Group Motion’s Spiel Uhr series in February.

This was a challenging piece to capture since I was photographing just the shadows of the dancers and trying to capture moments that would carry over to the viewer after the fact some of whom may not have been able to see the piece performed. I definitely feel this is an awesome image but doesn’t even begin to capture how cool the piece was seeing it live.

The next time David present’s work you sooo must go check it out and see what you think. I definitely love the places that David’s Choreographic vision takes us.

Till next time and as always comments and questions welcomed…

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