Mixing it up in the trenches

LEVYdance - Photo by Bill Hebert courtesy of Temple University and LEVYdance

To use a sports comparison when I shoot I usually prefer to be a pocket quarterback letting things develop in front of me and not a scrambling quarterback making things happen on the move. This is not to say during some performance shoots, especially and mainly during dress rehearsal runs, that I don’t move around but my style is my style. Recently I got to shoot a Tech/Dress Rehearsal by LEVYDance (www.levydance.org/) in conjunction with the Temple Dance Department and PDP (Philadelphia Dance Projects) to provide some archive documentation for the Temple Dance Department.

If you missed this one night performance then you missed a very cool show. The piece “ROMP” not only incorporated students from the Temple Dance Department but also brings the audience onto the stage to be a part of the piece and me as a photographer to get in the trenches and shoot amongst the action.

Not that I haven’t shot site specific work where there is no traditional audience seating but this type of performance presents the challenge of capturing interesting moments as usual but also not impeding the flow of the piece by getting in the way of the performers. Plus when not knowing where or how the movement will flow you risk a kick to the noggin or just a collision in general. I definitely enjoyed the show plus the challenge shooting the rehearsal since sometimes it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and also see dance in a different way.

Though more of a challenge to shoot the piece was very enjoyable and for those who missed it and live in the NY area be sure to join LEVYdance, Feb 17th-19th for the NY premier of ROMP at the Joyce Soho.

For now enjoy a few additional images (please note that some shots are not in full costume though) and stay tuned for the next Behind the Lens column. Same bat time, same bat channel or rather same URL. =)

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