A New Generation of Dance Innovators with Fresh Juice and The Requisite Movers

Mascher and FlyGround/Brownbody co-produce Fresh Juice and The Requisite Movers, two separately programmed performances that will both bring refreshing and genuine work by a new generation of dance innovators to The Performance Garage on October 13th-16th.Fresh Juiceis an annual program of Mascher Space Co-op, a home for new dance in Philadelphia, which features a refreshing selection of finished works by Artists in Residence.  Fresh Juice is usually hosted at Mascher Space, an artist-run rehearsal and performance cooperative in Old Kensington.  For the first time ever, 2011 will mark the show’s debut at The Performance Garage.  The program will feature works by Nicole Bindler and Gabrielle Revlock, Gregory Holt, and Lawrence-Herchenroether Dance Company.The Requisite Moversis an annual performance opportunity for emerging Black female choreographers to present their artistic work.  It was created and is co-produced by Lela Aisha Jones of FlyGround and Deneane Richburg of Brownbody.  Requisite evokes essentiality; it is something required for a particular purpose and is indispensable.  The artistry presented in this production conjures enduring experiences at the core of Afro cultural movement in the United States.  This year’s artists include: Saroya Corbett, Lela Aisha Jones & FlyGround, Deneane Richburg & Brownbody, and Dina-Verley Sabb-Mills.Fresh Juice works:

I made this for you
is a raucous, playful yet earnest dance about audience engagement and community building. The dance was created by Nicole Bindler and Gabrielle Revlock, for a national dance competition with audience votes determining the winner. The dance challenges notions of competition and conventional forms of beauty by using biting wit and playful commentary.  The humor and poignancy lives in the juxtaposition of virtuosic performance and the quotidian.  While the work is at times challenging and confrontational, it remains accessible.

I made this for you. includes a number of exciting things such as twins, a 6 year old violin prodigy, circus tricks, and dancing of many genres including contemporary, hip hop, tap, burlesque, partnering, and acrobatics. There’s also fight scenes and romance.  This piece goes beyond the audience’s expectation of virtuosic performance. By bringing humanizing and interactive experiences to the stage, I made this for you deepens the intimacy between performer and audience and allows for everyone to see and be seen.

making claims, by Gregory Holt, is about storytelling and territory. How much of your own dirt and blood can you really claim to occupy? While recounting stories, dancing tender duets, and pushing out against their own skin, dancers Ky Mettler, Kristel Baldoz, and John Luna play a game of overloaded believability and exaggerated meaning. Humorous and inscrutable, they challenge each other with complex movements and shifting rhythms. Holt has scripted movement practices in a bombastic conversational style, and filled them with strong assertions and willing persuasions. Through associative thinking, sociable engagement, and conflicting personal agendas, his dance requires a constant re-assessment of assumed common ground, and sets up boundaries in permanent retreat.

The Lawrence-Herchenroether Dance Company
invites audiences to be absorbed by Awakened Ruins, a piece originally made and set in Founder’s Hall at Girard College, and now transplanted in a more traditional stage setting.  Embarking on an ambitious endeavor to embody the erosion of time, and the allure of these forgotten remnants of structural acclaim, choreographer Tori Lawrence commenced collaboration with violinist, Christopher Brooks, and pianist, Patrick Fink.  The work transcends Founder’s Hall’s specific, yet rich historical context, and reflects on the fragility and lack of permanence in other similarly noted structures.

Choreographer/dancer, Tori Lawrence and her dancers, Emily Herchenroether, Tina Knipp, Ashley Lippolis, and Pamela Vail embody the layering and crumbling surfaces of the space both in their unique costume and movement. Architecturally constructed themselves and fully coated in uneven and congealed patches of thick, dried, clay-like material, the dancers’ become and reveal these forgotten spaces. As the dancers embody the structure’s life and passage through time, they leave a crumbled path behind.

The Requisite Movers:

Saroya Corbett
Saroya Corbett is a certified Dunham Technique instructor and has a Master in Fine Arts degree in Dance from Temple University where she additionally holds a certificate in Women’s Studies.  She has also served as an instructor for the Spelman College Children’s Drama and Dance Program, the Katherine Dunham Museum Children’s Workshop, Studio Dionne, and Temple University.  As a part of The Requisite Movers, Corbett will present Thinkness, a work expressing the physical violence and violation of personhood attached to the hypersexualization of the black female body.

Lela Aisha Jones, Dancer; photo by Natalia

Lela Aisha Jones & FlyGround
FlyGround (ERA) is an education, research, and artistic organization. We believe in more than one truth and more than one interpretation of the ever evolving forms of movement and music that exists in our world.  We want our audiences to experience the valuable past and contemporary treasures that the African/Afro/Black styles of music and dance contribute to cultural evolution.  Our work is focused on the translineages of Afro peoples world-wide funneled through a grounded, contemporary US vibe—specializing in Afro Pop, Ghanaian, Guinean, and Afro Brasilian cultures.  As a part of The Requisite Movers, Jones & FlyGround will present 3 works titled Airlooms, The Beauty of My Father, and Waterfall Tears.

Deneane Richburg & Brownbody
Brownbody’s artistic work combines sound and movement that extends the translation of bounded realities to tell a story. Through modern dance, figure skating, and/or theater, Brownbody’s on ice and stage work acknowledges and explores issues typically relegated to the peripheries of mainstream consciousness. Via raising levels of socio-cultural and historical awareness, this work incites individuals to evaluate their relationship to self and their surroundings.  As a part of The Requisite Movers, Richburg & Brownbody will present TBA—a work that plays with variances in speed and dynamic impulses to uncover our own personal and continually evolving truths.

Dina-Verley Sabb-Mills
A Philadelphia native, Dina holds a MFA in dance from Temple University, and a BFA in dance performance from the University of the Arts. Dina’s teaching credits include Temple University, Muhlenberg College, Koresh School of Dance, The University of Pennsylvania, DaCi International, The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, American College Dance Festival, and Black College Dance Exchange. Dina has also been asked to teach at Georgian Court University, Drexel University and Cedar Crest College.  As a part of The Requisite Movers, Verley Sabb-Mills will present her work A (happy) Life, which is an ongoing exploration of the effects depression and grief.

Lela Aisha Jones, Dancer; photo by Krista Bonura

Fresh Juice and The Requisite Movers
Thurs. Oct. 13th (8PM) Mascher’s Fresh Juice
Fri. Oct. 14th (8PM) The Requisite Movers
Sat. Oct. 15th (3PM)
Mixer Matinee: Small parts of Big dances FlyGround, Gregory Holt, LH Dance Co.,& Brownbody
Sat. Oct 15th (8PM) Mascher’s Fresh Juice
Sun. Oct 16th (7PM) The Requisite Movers

The Performance Garage, 1515 Brandywine St, Philadelphia, Pa.

$15 General Admission
$12 Children 8 & over, DancePass, Students, Seniors
$22 Attend two separate performances

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