Tangle offers audiences an aerial dance adventure with Ampersand

Tumbling, climbing, singing, running, flying. In Ampersand, Tangle works with acrobatic dance and aerial theatrics to tell the story of several ordinary lives in Philadelphia. Combining traditional circus arts like trapeze, aerial rope, and partner acrobatics with powerful narratives of memory and belonging, Tangle will bridge performance disciplines and bring urban life to a grand scale. On Thursday September 8th (7pm) and Friday September 9th (6:30 and 9pm), Tangle will bring their new work to Philadelphia Soundstages in Northern Liberties (1600 N. 5th Street).

Audiences will see the daily grind of a morning commute turned literally upside-down, battles fought on a crowded sidewalk, memories sprung to life in aerial dance, and the objects of an ordinary living room transformed by music and movement. “This new work is called Ampersand, after the typesetter’s abbreviation for ‘and,’ because we’re inspired by stories of connection and intersection,” says Tangle founder Lauren Rile Smith. “Our show is about bridging performance disciplines, using music and found text to create new concepts, bringing bodies together, building structures from which we can take flight.”

Tangle founding member Sarah Nicolazzo adds, “For me, aerials are about strangeness and impossibility. I think there’s something really utopian about an art that’s all about pushing the boundaries of what bodies ‘naturally’ do, how they move, how they relate to gravity and each other.” Tangle’s performers have trained their acrobatic skills at schools from around the world to Germantown, and now are bringing them to a unique venue (Philadelphia Soundstages’ infinity cyclorama) in Northern Liberties. Audiences are invited to this one-of-a-kind premiere, a proud part of the 2011 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

What: Tangle presents Ampersand— a dance, theater, and aerial spectacle.
Where: Philadelphia Soundstages, 1600 N. 5th Street, Philadelphia 19122.
When: Thursday September 8 at 7:30 pm, and Friday September 9 at 6:30 pm and 9 pm.
Tickets: $10-15 (discount for student and theatergoers under 25). Purchase at the door or through the Live Arts and Philly Fringe box office.

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