Behind the Lens – Transforming a Photo into Art

PIMA Group - Photo by Bill Hebert

So at times after going through photos I shoot I tend to see certain shots that don’t get me wrong stand strong on their own but that I see something more in or rather a chance for me to add more of my own artistic vision. That’s where the fun begins. Many of us have taken photos and started to play with them a bit and sometimes cool things result.

The main image this week is from a PIMA Group show a couple years back called “oh horror”. The original shot was definitely very cool to begin with where text was projected onto the dancers but by blowing out the contrast adding a filter…BAM…the photo becomes to me a piece of cool art in and of itself.

Till next week, here are a few more Funky Photoshop Creations as I call them to enjoy.

Olive Dance Theatre - Photo by Bill Hebert
Miro Dance Theatre - Photo by Bill Hebert
Winged Woman Dance - Photo by Bill Hebert
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