A Tale of Two Images from Behind the Lens

Dancefusion - Photo by Bill Hebert

This week’s installment of the “Behind the Lens” series looks at the tale of two images or rather the same image seen in two different ways.

The finalized image is from this past week’s Dancefusion Showcase performance as they prepare for their fringe show in September. I say the finalized image since this image was enhanced using a special software that ages the image by adding grain and scratches to it. To me for this image it definitely enhances the moment in the shot. The image to me now has a soul of its own that I feel allows you to connect with the dancers and the moment itself something that the original image in color didn’t seem to convey.

To REALLY make things interesting here is the original photo:

So what are your thoughts?
Do you prefer or connect more with one version of the photo versus the other?

Definitely would love to hear feedback on these questions and the column in general. Just use the comment box below. To find out more information about Dancefusion and their upcoming shows please check out their website: http://www.gbyedance.org/dance_fusion/

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  1. I agree, Bill. The colors are kind of distracting from the focus on the faces and hands. The black and white strengthens the composition and clarifies the focus.

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