Behind the Lens – ETC Series closes season 4 with a bang!

Wabi Sabi Dance Company - Photo by Bill Hebert

The ETC Series closed out season four with a bang with work by: MM2 Modern Dance Company, Wabi Sabi Dance Company, Lauren Williams, Underground DanceWorks (UDW) and others.

This week’s image is a moment from Wabi Sabi Dance Company’s piece performed Sunday night at ETC.

If you ever wondered, how does he choose the moments he does and when to click the shutter?  What is that “Decisive Moment”, a term coined by the great photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson in each dance? The cool thing about dance is there is usually more than a few of these special moments. For me it’s that moment where you see the dancers give that last bit of themselves to the movement.  It isn’t an easy thing to catch.  Click to early or to late and you miss the moment entirely.

It’s definitely easier to catch a jump at it’s peak. There it’s all about getting your timing down. But when you are trying to capture those moments that capture the heart and soul of the movement, it becomes more about allowing yourself to really connect with the movement and feel the right moment to click that shutter.

Thank you Wabi Sabi and their director Eliza Zeevalk for bringing us this special moment.

Find out more about Wabi Sabi at

Oh and stay tuned for the 5th season of the ETC Series.  See you all next week for another Behind the Lens Moment. Don’t forget this column isn’t about me but celebrating our amazing dance community and giving you all a glimpse into what I see from Behind the Lens.  Please send any comments or suggestions you have.

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