Recycled or new, Koresh dance dazzles

The troupe’s students were smooth, too.

By Merilyn Jackson, For The Inquirer

Koresh Dance Company, at Thursday’s opening of its fall run at Suzanne Roberts Theatre, did what it always does – stormed the stage and took no prisoners.

Roni Koresh opened with the Koresh Youth Ensemble performing an excerpt from one of his best works, Negative Spaces, a fiercely staccato dance of fisted hands and attacking feet.

Normally a student group wouldn’t be reviewed, but the ensemble’s 13-to-18-year-olds danced the challenging piece almost as well as I recall the professional troupe did some five years ago. Charged up by the antic music of the Romanian brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia, they brought the piece home with their fake laughter and perfect timing.

Benchtime Stories and Somewhere in Between were announced as world premieres, but some parts were recycled. In any event, sections one and five of Benchtime Stories – short episodes set on and around benches – were better in their second comings. Both are comedic. In “The Bums,” Eric Bean and Micah Geyer created drolly drunk shtick. Instead of pratfalling, they land in perfect splits and backflips. Bean, in “The Bench” takes a pretty funny beating as Alexis Viator seduces him while they wait for a bus.


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