Miro Dance Theatre Closes Out Mash-Ups Series at Kimmel’s Summer Solstice event

Miro Dance Theatre has spent the Spring in a creative laboratory process known as the Miro Mash-Ups. For three sessions, the company has gone into an intensive and experimental one week process with a rock band, a composer, and its core dancers to come out four days later and present what they have created.

On June 19, Miro will present a “Best-Of” the Mash-Ups series in Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. and will feature performances from all three Mash-Ups.  The Kimmel Center is located at 260 South Broad Street in Philadelphia. Admission to the Summer Solstice celebration is $10.

For each Mash-Up, a composer, the rock band Toy Soldiers, and the Miro dancers meet at the beginning of the week and begin to brainstorm.  Over the next three days, they rehearse and create. On Thursday, they perform their creation, in its current state, in front of an audience.  The Mash-Ups feature Miro company members Joy Havens, Dana Dlugosz, Scott Lowe, and Paul Struck dancing alongside Miro Artistic Director Amanda Miller. The company worked with composers Craig Van Hise, Ronald G. Vigue and Van Stiefel throughout the series.

“We are excited to be in the big house at Kimmel and will try to use the expanse of space in creative ways. This best of show is giving us an opportunity to take what worked best, put a little more time into it. See how it all fits together. Take it a little further down the road. It is an experiment with the experiment,” said Miro Dance Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director Tobin Rothlein. “We will still take risks. That’s what it’s all about. We won’t let the Kimmel scare us into something too polished or prepared.  I can guarantee it will be something new for Kimmel’s Verizon Hall.”

During the series, Miro moved the Mash-Ups all over town. The series began in the company’s studio at Girard College. For the second, they presented the piece at Drexel University’s Mandell Theatre. Their final Miro Mash-up had the Miro dancers seemingly growing out of the Magic Gardens on South Street.

Toy Soldiers, is a rising local rock band of University of the Arts and Temple alumni. They are now signed to Drexel’s Mad Dragon label. The band started as a project between lead singer Ron Gallo and Mike Baurer. Baurer has since left the band. The current line-up  includes: drummer Tom Cladek, bassist Bennett Smith, singers Kate Foust, Vinchelle Woods and Josiah Wise, saxophonist Noah Skaroff, trumpeter Pete Veloski, guitarist Dan King, and pianist, singer and guitarist Zach Poyatt. Toy Soldiers pursue the music that composed the history of American music and utilizes a “throw together one hour, record the next” formula. They have toured and are building a rabid fan base.  They released their first album, Whisper Down The Lane in 2009. WXPN’s Bruce Warren called it “…a righteous collection of rootsy, jangly, scraggly, soulful indie inspired songs that bring to mind Shangri-La era Kinks, Nashville Skyline-era Dylan, Bright Eyes and the Black Keys, The Coasters and Carl Perkins.”

About Miro Dance Theatre
Miro Dance Theatre creates and performs original work that explores the collaborative intersections of contemporary dance, video, and visual art.

In 2004 dancer and choreographer Amanda Miller and video and visual artist Tobin Rothlein founded Miro Dance Theatre in order to realize their unique creative vision, and explore the intersections of contemporary dance, video, and visual art. Miller, with ten years experience as a dancer at the Pennsylvania Ballet and choreographic studies in Europe under Siobhan Davies, is at the helm of Miro’s choreographic exploration. Rothlein, whose work as video artist and visual designer for Rennie Harris Puremovement and others has garnered accolades nationally and internationally, oversees the company’s work in combining dance, multi-media and visual arts. Miro produces the work of Miller and Rothlein alongside special collaborations with invited friends and guests.

Miro shares its vision with the general and artistic communities through outreach in the form of residency activities, open studios, workshops, master classes, and access to visiting artists. Miro believes in the importance of establishing creative and mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations, individuals and artists in the communities where we live, work, and perform.

Miro Mash-Up Best-Of

Date: Saturday, June 19, 2010
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall
Tickets: $10  – available at www.kimmelcenter.org

More information on the Mash-Ups and Miro Dance Theatre is available online at www.mirodancetheatre.org.