Surprise Lucinda Childs Performance At Susan Hess

Last week we plugged the final performances at the Sansom Street home of Susan Hess Modern Dance. And whoa! As a special treat, the 69-year-old Lucinda Childs, who served as a mentor in their Masters Exchange program this year, totally danced.

The Inquirer‘s Merilyn Jackson has it covered: “To an excerpt of long-time collaborator Philip Glass’ music, she pranced forward like a fox, staring at the floor as if it were prey and pushing the heavy air before her aside, redefining the space.”

In September, the Live Arts Festival will bring Childs’s dance Dance to Philadelphia for the first time. A unique collaboration between Childs, conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (who created the film behind and with which the dancers perform), and Philip Glass, who composed the score, Dance is a crisp and pure study of movement.

Interest in Child’s dances and those from related collectives Judson Dance Theatre and Grand Union has surged recently, as detailed by Joan Acocella in this week’s New Yorker (subscription required). Acocella reviewed Dance for the magazine in October as well. After the jump, Acocella opines on why the new production of Dance is among the best of this movement’s revival.