A new high for New Edge Mix dance artists

By Merilyn Jackson For The Inquirer
Before funders bowed to political pressure in the 1980s, they allowed grantees full artistic expression. You still see funder-driven work in the theater realm. But Terri Shockley, executive director of the 25-year-old Community Education Center, has valiantly given Philadelphia’s dance artists a safe place to take non-funded risks and try out works in progress.

Over last weekend’s annual New Edge Mix Performance Series run, Schockley stooped to a new high, helping mop up the floor after Nicole Bindler’s Sand in My Soda Pop, then promptly taking part as an onstage instructor in react/dance’s body/speak.

The show began with a very good Shannon Murphy dance-and-technology piece, AQUAsions, that included a film by Murphy and Steve Surgalski, and Surgalski’s music. READ MORE

***Photo of  Nicole Bindler’s Sand in My Soda Pop is by Bill Hebert, BH Photos