SHMD In Performance: 2009-10 Choreographers Project

On Saturday, January 16 and Sunday, January 17 at 7:30 pm, Susan Hess Modern Dance (SHMD) will present “In Performance: 2009-10 Choreographers Project” .

For this first “In Performance” showing of the season, SHMD will present innovative works in dance from new resident Megan Mazarick, as well as dynamic works from returning residents Meg Foley and Erin Foreman-Murray.

Mazarick Performance
Megan Mazarick says she grew up drinking Dr.Pepper and watching Dr. Who reruns in suburban North Carolina. The self-professed movement geek uses dance to physicalize images, characters, and ideas. Utilizing a never-ending interest in the minutia of American life, she finds inspiration for movement within snippets of cell phone messages, through the transformable toys of 1986, between the tentacles of calamari from the local Vietnamese market, or inside the rusty gears of a diesel engine. Citing America’s MTV Generation as influence, her work portrays themes of alienation set within a gritty, plastic, and absurdist landscape. Layering intricate movement material with visual design, her dances are dark comedies based on mundane events. Currently, Mazarick teaches modern technique and other dance courses at University of the Arts and Rowan University. She received her M.F.A. from Temple University in January 2007 and has been an active performer, teacher, choreographer in the Philadelphia community since 2004.

Meg 2
Meg Foley, joyfully in her second stint as a Choreographer’s Project resident, has been making dances and performing in Philadelphia since 2005. She directs Moving Parts, a company through which she aims to create elusive yet emotionally evocative performance experiences that straddle the fine line between focus and freedom. Her work has been presented at Susan Hess Modern Dance Studio, Mascher Space Cooperative, Vox Populi, the Community Education Center, and by Bowerbird. As a dancer, she works with Nichole Canuso and Lisa Kraus, and danced with Devynn Emory from 2005-2009. Foley was educated and influenced by the good people at Scripps College and Laban Centre London. She loves to teach both technique and critical theory and has led workshops on whether authentic movement really exists and on locating meaning within and constructing self-referential movement. Some of her favorite dances that she has recently seen are Bird Song by Siobhan Davies, Rammed Earth by Tere O’Connor, Keely Garfield’s Limerance, and Jen Rosenblit’s greatest hits duets.

Erin Performance 3
Second-year resident Erin Foreman-Murray makes dances, experimenting in kinetic physicality and acknowledging the intelligence of the dancing body. Erin’s choreographic research seeks to redefine the relationship between audience and performer by building live performance experiences that are multi-layered, individually engaging, and relevant in contemporary society. Her creative work has been presented regularly in Philadelphia, with recent presentations by StudioSeries at Studio34, Susan Hess Modern Dance, Here[begin]’s Current, the Field/Philadelphia, and in the Philly Fringe. Erin was a two-year artist in residence at the Mascher Space Cooperative. Currently, she dances with Ring Dance Theater and readySetGO.  Erin holds a B.F.A. in contemporary dance from Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance.

SHMD has a played a leading role in the Philadelphia dance community for more than 25 years by offering programs of consistent excellence and originality.  The only independent modern dance institution in the area to invest in the professional development of choreographers and dancers, the organization’s mission is to serve choreographers, dancers, performance artists, and audiences in an environment where creativity and experimentation flourish. The Choreographers Project provides rehearsal space, performance opportunities, and other benefits each year to four select local artists.

The Choreographers Project/Masters Exchange has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage through Dance Advance.  In Performance showings of the Choreographers project receive additional support from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, the Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural Development Fund, RBC Dain Rauscher, and individual contributors.

In Performance: 2009-10 Choreographers Project
Saturday, January 16 and Sunday, January 17, at 7:30 pm
Tickets: $12
Susan Hess Modern Dance Studio, 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia
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