Annual Report 2009


For year end 2009,, a registered trademark of Music & Motion Dance, operated and maintained a total of 10 websites for the sole purpose of promoting dance in the greater Philadelphia region. All sites were operated without any costs to the dance community or its users. Funding for this project was provided primarily by Music & Motion Dance, a Pennsylvania registered 501 c 3 non-profit. Sites included: The Dance Calendar, The Dance Journal, Listserv, Dance Forums, Dance Box Office, Dance Job Board, Philly Dance Spaces, PhiladelphiaDANCE TV, and The Dance Directory. Additional services were provided through the Monthly eNewsletter, This Week In Dance, Twitter, FaceBook, Philly Dance Tool Bar and The Grant Calendar.

All ten sites combined generated 5,966,756 web site hits in 2009 by 2,879,063 unique visitors as reported through webalizer statistics maintained on the servers. The most popular sites in order were The Dance Calendar, The Dance Journal, The Dance Forums and Dance Job Board. The Dance Calendar listed a total of 1455 dance performances and events in 2009. Over 5,938 tickets were sold on Dance Box Office in 2009 generating $79,480 in direct revenue for dance companies. 26% of ticket buyers reported being first time attendees to events purchased. 5% of sales were from out of state, primarily New York and Washington, DC.

The Listserv has a total of 937 members. The Monthly eNewsletter has 11,247 subscribers to date. The Dance Journal now has on average 36,428 regular readers per month as measured by unique IPs. Over 131 media outlets are now regular users of our services and RSS feeds. Over 2,375 web sites and blogs now link or take a feed from one of our 10 primary sites.

Milestones in 2009 were the updating of The Dance Forums to focus more on dance class, workshops and master class offerings; New improved software and interface to PhiladelphiaDANCE.TV; as well as significant upgrades to the Dance Calendar software. Better RSS feeds, SEO and social networking features were added to all sites for improved visibility. A new server was put in place to house web sites in last quarter of 2009 to provide for greater storage, bandwidth and overall capacity. continues to operate at a deficit. Capitol costs in terms of servers, bandwidth, software and custom programming came to a total of $4,800.00. An additional $2000 was spent on advertising and promotion of in traditional print media. Over 2,190 man-hours were spent operating, maintaining and updating content in 2009. This very conservatively translates in to $66,700 in labor costs, most of which was donated by volunteers. Advertising revenues came to a total of $2,400 for the year to help support capitol costs.

Plans for 2010 include a major upgrade to Dance Calendar software to allow for even more feeds and automatic exporting to online event partners. This will increase visibility by a predicted 25% for all events posted. Improvement or complete revision of the Dance Directory software, allowing for greater functionality to those listing services as well as to the end user. Also, hope to be able to get a greater participation level from both dance schools and dance companies. looks to continue to increase web site use in 2010 to both current and new audiences. We will be especially examining ways to reach youth and family markets. At the same time we will seek to increase contributions and participation by the professional dance community in Philadelphia. While many do contribute and utilize our sites for marketing and branding of their performances and services, there is still room for even greater participation. will be looking at ways to provide free and individualized technology consultation for dance companies in the region as we go forward.

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