Chaat-a combustive dish of Bharatanatyam, music and food


Usiloquy Dance Designs presents Chaat

Chaat challenges the conventional perception of Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam, reinterpreting it as a powerful social language that encourages a dialogue in the community about the universal links between dance, food and emotions.

Typically an Indian street side snack bursting with intensely hot, tangy, spicy, sweet and salty flavors, Chaat becomes a contemporary hybridization of the ancient techniques of Bharatanatyam, Indo Western fusion music and elaborate costumes. Set to specially commissioned music by Philadelphia based Thomas Flanagan and Jeremy Dyen of Amrita, each flavor on stage transforms into a nuanced expressive dance. The culmination of the flavors at the end mark the synchronicity of a fully prepared dish with life in its entirety. Live music by Amrita !

Usiloquy Dance Designs

Usiloquy is a dedicated group of Bharatanatyam dancers bound together by the common joy, thrill and responsibility and that comes out of telling stories from our hearts using innovative idioms of narration.

Usiloquy takes special pride in the ethnic diversity of its dancers. This motley group of highly committed individuals is a representation of Modern day America at its best. Apart from Bharatanatyam, Usiloquy dancers are accomplished in art forms like Belly Dance, Kuchipudi, Indian Folk dances, Theater acting and Ballet, to name a few.

The dancers of Usiloquy have been studying Bharatanatyam at The Archana Dance Academy in Philadelphia with Shaily Dadiala. A typical day of holistic learning and rehearsing consists of hours of stretching, vigorous practice, refinement of technique, Nattuvanagam, (The art of reciting rhythmic syllables accompanying dance steps); Strengthening an already established group dynamic, making Usiloquy its namesake in the true sense- “Our expressions”.

November 15, 2009 06:00 pm
at The Painted Bride, 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia
General admission $18
Seniors, students with ID $15
Audience members get a truly multisensory experience sampling Chaat in the lounge from an Indian style Chaat stall ! (not included in admission price).