From Hidden City at the old Met, gymnastic and dusty dance

After donning blue plastic hard hats and climbing the stairs to the long-unused Metropolitan Opera House on North Broad Street, 280 audience members awaited the much-anticipated performance of choreographer Wally Cardona’s Revival by Group Motion Dance Company. The Wednesday-evening opening began the final weekend of the Hidden City festival.

Despite the plaster dust – inches thick in places – people were clearly awestruck by the gargantuan, Colosseum-like space and its traces of former glory. The Hidden City crew had made every effort to provide safety and some comfort for the audiences that came in droves to all the sites throughout the month, but largely let the deterioration of some spaces speak for itself.

Cardona worked with composer Phil Kline, their fourth collaboration. They’ve made highly regarded work, separately and together; their work with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Really Real, will premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the fall.