A mix of local and national dance

By Merilyn Jackson For The Inquirer

In the monthlong series Philadelphia Dance Projects Presents ’09 curated by Terry Fox, local dance was mixed with the programs of companies from Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. High points were Headlong Dance Theater’s perspicuous body language and Zane Booker’s and Mathew Janczewski’s multivalenced choreography. Keely Garfield’s “Limerence” – though unpleasant to watch – raised interesting psycho-socio-sexual questions.

Fox capstoned the series with the SCUBA National Touring Network for Dance’s triple-threat combo from San Francisco, Seattle, and Philadelphia at Temple University over the weekend.

Founder of San Francisco’s inkBoat, Japanese American Shinichi Iova-Koga harmonizes his training in butoh and judo with his studies in Western improvisational and physical theater, heavily accenting his Japanese side. In “Milk Traces,” a riveting one-man dance theater piece, he evolves from a simian creature trying to escape the bonds of a raggedy rope to a smoking, toothless, old drunk. However restrictive the rope, it also supports him in otherwise impossible movements, like rising to his feet from a full backbend with no other impetus.

Charles O. Anderson teaches at Muhlenberg College and lives in Philadelphia, where he bases his company dance theater X.  READ FULL STORY