Hacking their own art


fidget weaves a multi-media response to current exhibit at Nexus Gallery

On February 21,  fidget will premiere a new work in response to “uNintended uses”, an exhibition of hacked and repurposed materials on view at Nexus Gallery. Dancer and choreographer Megan Bridge and digital artist Peter Price will bring along detritus from various older works (costumes, set pieces, clips of sound, video, and movement) and find unintended uses for their own”repurposed materials.” Exploring the exhibition’s directive, fidget’s new work will be a direct response to uNintended Uses: Price will create an interactive audiovisual software environment that will provoke, respond, and recontextualize Bridge’s performative gestures as she hacks through older works, weaving a structure in real time as part of the improvisational performance.

fidget is a conceptual platform for the collaborative work of dancer / choreographer Megan Bridge and composer/media artist Peter Price. fidget creates total and interrelated performative experiences, drawing on an interplay of the sonic, the visual, and the kinetic. “uNintended uses” will be an introduction for the Philadelphia audience to fidget’s aesthetic: sexy, sci-fi, cybernetic, psychedelic, concept and image driven multimedia dance theater.

fidget will be sharing the performance evening with PIMA group, Melissa Putz. PIMA Group, co-founded by dancer and choreographer Melisa Putz and musicians Michael Barker and Thomas Clark, is interested in developing new processes and approaches to the integration of dance, music and visual art. The works range from improvisational performance art work to more formal choreographed and composed pieces.

paraphraseNEXUS is a monthly series in which artists of various disciplines and media create performances that respond and relate to current exhibitions at NEXUS. Also on exhibit at NEXUS this month is the art of Bonnie Scott. This will mark the end of  the paraphraseNEXUS series.

Learn More at

If you go:
Saturday, February 21, 2009
8:00 pm
at NEXUSfoundation for today’s art
1400 North American Street, #102, Philadelphia
Tickets: $5

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