A View From Two Coasts And Around The World

By Andrea K. Hammer, For The Bulletin
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Zebra Visual’s slide show of many airborne Philadelphia dancers — from Koresh to Zane Booker — reflects a personal knowledge of dance in every image.

“Understanding the aesthetic of dance is paramount,” says Seattle-based photographer Gabriel Bienczycki, who started his career in Philadelphia and has remained active here. “There’s a great deal of translation going on in a studio situation. Besides the obvious technical challenges, others involve composing a frame, communicating with the dancer, and, most of all, storytelling in a miniature choreographic work.”

During this process, Mr. Bienczycki also strives to balance his own vision with those of the dancers involved.

“The challenges are similar to the ones with choreography: inspiration and clarity. It’s important to remain flexible and adapt to the material one works with. It’s a combination of creative work and service,” he adds.

Mr. Bienczycki — who was born in Bytom, Poland,