Dancers have a foot-ball

Sunday was cheerier at Susan Hess – with helmets and snacks, too.

It was a wet, gloomy Sunday night – the Eagles had just lost the NFC Championship game, and dozens of police cars were parked around City Hall, as officers in riot gear milled about, in preparation for mayhem that never came. But a few blocks away, the scene at Susan Hess Modern Dance, 2030 Sansom St., was reminiscent of game day a few hours earlier.A line of people snaked up the stairs to get in. Every seat in the house was taken, and then some. During the 40-minute performance, audience members guzzled soda and threw snacks – not at a TV but at the performers. There were “ads” that affected our behavior. In one piece, dancers in helmets banged heads audibly and frequently.

The show, “In Performance,” presented new work by Kate Watson-Wallace and Devynn Emory, alumnae of Susan Hess Modern Dance Choreographers Project.

Watson-Wallace presented “consumption study #1,” a study for Store, which will complete her “American Space” dance trilogy. READ MORE…