2009 Winter nEW Festival


Melanie Stewart Dance Theatre presents the 2009 Winter nEW Festival comprised of community classes, workshops, and an informal showing; DanceHouse: Meet the Artists/See the Work from January 5th through 11th, 2009 at the University of the Arts School of Dance Terra Building, 211 S. Broad Street, 4th floor.

Community classes will be held Monday – Friday from 9am-10am and from 10am -11:30am taught by: Charles O. Anderson, Eun Jung Choi-Gonzales, Nora Gibson, Jeffrey Gunshol, Jaamil Olalwale Kosoko, Megan Mazarick, Olive Prince, Gabrielle Revlock, and Guillermo Ortega Tanus. Single class passes are available at the door for $10, or “what you can pay” for professional dance community members.

On Saturday, January 10 from 10am to 2pm Melanie Stewart will lead a workshop entitled “Bring it!” in dance competition and gaming in preparation for her upcoming 2009 Live Arts premier of “Time to Dance”. Participants are invited to engage in the creation of the work through all-out dance competition and hilarious good fun. The workshop is offered for $20 at the door or “what you can pay” for professional dance community members.

The DanceHouse: Meet the Artists/See the Work open studio showing will be held on Sunday December 11th at 3pm. This event will feature the work of the 2008-09 nEW resident choreographers who will preview works to be presented in full-scale production in the June Summer Festival. Audiences are invited to preview the work, meet the artists, and learn more about the nEW Festival residency program, a dance driven artist fueled initiative where professional dance makers are incubating their work in Philadelphia. For more information about the artists and these exciting events check out www.newfestival.net or call (215) 359-7775.