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    Mark DeGarmo Dance presents
    Virtual International Arts (VIA) Festival for Social Change
    October 27-29, 2020, 7PM ET on Zoom

    Tickets (by donation):

    Tuesday, October 27: Cutting Edge Global Video Series (Curated from Melbourne)
    Wednesday, October 28: El Grupo Folklórico P’urhépecha (Indigenous Dance from Mexico)
    Thursday, October 29: MDD’s Virtual Salon Performance Series (Emerging Dance from the U.S.)

    Mark DeGarmo Dance welcomes 138 artists and scholars from 18 countries and 12 of 24 time zones to present their original works in its Virtual International Arts Festival (VIA) for Social Change held on Zoom on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday October 27, 28, and 29, 2020 at 7PM Eastern Time. Separate tickets available by donation for each evening.

    The international festival creates a space for artists, scholars, and audiences to share, respond, and reflect beyond traditional, commercial performance spaces that often exclude people and limit access. Tuesday’s Cutting Edge Global Video Series presents a set of short experimental videos created by collaborative teams of scholars and artists, curated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the University of Toronto. On Wednesday, founder and director of indigenous Grupo Folklórico P’urhépecha in Michoacán, Mexico, José Alberto Velázquez Campoverde, presents selections of traditional dance work performed by the youth group. On Thursday, Mark DeGarmo Dance presents the Global edition of its Virtual Salon Performance Series 2020-2021, dance works-in-progress with a facilitated audience response, to begin the series’ upcoming season.

    “We are excited to connect with our local, national, and global colleagues reflective of our BIPOC and inclusive reality and to experience the possibilities explored by these artists and scholars for contributing to our societies,” says Mark DeGarmo, the festival’s curator, host, and facilitator.

    Mark DeGarmo Dance recognizes the impact of COVID-19 on global artists and our communities and is committed to offering opportunities for artists to safely share and develop their work. Through virtual programming, MDD connects the embodied imaginations of the international arts and scholar community.

    For more information on the artists, scholars, and curators.

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