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    SoLow Fest 2019
    June 13 – 23rd!
    Start your application today! Deadline for applications is May 13th!

    Visit to apply today!

    Featured above are two of the first shows submitted this year! Churn by Gavin Whitt and my show The Presented! Check the website for an updated list of shows soon!

    The theme this year is ‘How Did We Get Here’? The theme serves as an inspiration for the festival, not a requirement! So feel free to use it if you like, or submit any show you like!

    SoLow Fest specializes in making affordable theater and is NOT only ‘solo’ shows, feel free to submit shows with multiple performers! Visit the website for more information.

    Please note we’ve also had a change in coordinators this year. SoLow Fest is now run by myself (Chris Davis) and Tanaquil Marquez (from the theater group Teatro Del Sol.)

    Chris Davis
    SoLow Fest Coordinator

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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