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    choreography 33
    33. International Choreographic Competition Hannover 2019
    21. and 22. of June 2019

    Dear Friends,

    Next Year the Ballet Society Hanover organize the International Competition for Choreographers Hanover for the 33. time.

    These are the competition guidelines: All participants, choreographers, and dancers, ought to have professional training. Choreographers must be 35 or younger. The competition is open to any kind of style. Evaluation is based exclusively on the imaginative use of space and time, the realization of an idea, and its transfer onto the performers. The duration of the performance, have to be between 5 and 12 minutes. A solo-ballet may not be interpreted by the choreographer him/herself. The applicant is free in his choice of subject and music. The choreographic work can be sent as an Internet link ( youtube, vimeo, etc.) A DVD is also accepted.

    The money that can be won for the first 3 endowed prizes amounts 13.500 EUR. The audience prize amounts 1.000 EUR. Furthermore there is a critics prize of 1.500 EUR

    A pre-jury will select a maximum of 20 the submitted works, which will enter the contest.

    Jury 2019
    Marguerite Donlon, Independent Choreographer, and Artistic Director DDC.
    RD1st Coach and Mentor Katrin Hall, Director Göteborgs Operans Danskompani
    Nanine Linning, Dance Company Nanine Linning and Artistic Director of the competition Richard Wherlock, Director Ballett Basel etc.

    Jury Production Awards 2019
    Stephen Delattre, Director Delattre Dance Company
    Kevin Haigen, Artistic Director Bundesjugendballett
    Garry Stewart, Director Australian Dance Theatre
    Ed Wubbe, Director Scapino Ballett, Rotterdam

    Pre-jury 2017
    Dirk Elwert, Fachvermittler Tanz der ZAV Künstlervermittlung
    Nanine Linning, Dance Company Nanine Linning
    Gregor Zöllig, Director Ballet Staatstheater Braunschweig

    A total sum of 13.500.- EUR in prize money, as well as three production awards, will be awarded.
    1st prize = 6.000.- EUR
    2nd prize = 3.000.- EUR
    3rd prize = 2.000.- EUR

    Audience award 1.000.- EUR
    Award of the critics: 1.500.- EUR

    Production Awards

    Delattre Dance Company Award: The winner will receive the opportunity to present the choreography shown in the competition in a production of the Delattre Dance Company with the dancers of DDC .

    Tanja Liedtke Scholarship: Since 2016 the Tanja Liedtke Foundation donated a three week’s scholarship at the Australian Dance Theatre in Adelaide, Australia. This Prize will be awarded by Garry Stewart, Director of The Australian Dance Theatre. The scholarship includes travel costs, accomodation, and ADT tuition.

    Scapino Production Award: Since 2005 Ed Wubbe, the artistic director of the competition, awards the Scapino production award. The award includes the development of an unique choreography with dancers from Scapino Ballet and the presentation in the series TWOOLS.

    Bundesjugendballett Production Award: The Bundesjugendballett was founded by John Neumeier in 2011. Since 2012 the Bundesjugendballett also sponsors a production award. Part of the award is the development of a choreography with the Bundesjugendballett.

    Enclosed you find more informations about the competition.

    We would be very grateful if you could retail these infomations. Please find the actual terms of conditions plus application forms on the internet at

    Kindest regards

    Dr. Birgit Gruesser

    Ballett Gesellschaft Hannover e.V.
    Vor dem Berge 3
    31553 Auhagen
    Tel. 05033/9635504

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