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    Since 2018, Ninth Planet has been making a show called Honey Honey, it’s evolved from a dance piece to a play, and now we’re making a community film! We’re calling for submissions of SCENES, DANCES OR B-ROLL based on prompts on our website:

    The Honey Honey Community Film Project tells the story of three young queer folks growing up together –– leaving home, finding and losing love, and coming into themselves. We have transformed our theatrical script (co-written by a creative team of queer and trans* performers and musicians with contributions from young artists from The Attic Youth Center) into a screenplay. Now that the script is complete, we are ready for submissions. We are calling for all creatives (actors, musicians, dancers, animators) to submit to be featured in this project. We are relying on our network of friends and artists to help spread the word. That’s where you come in. Please see below for three easy steps in which you can help us bring this project to life.

    STEP ONE: Send in a personal submission! Then share this email with your students, colleagues, and/or fellow artists. We want this project to spread far and wide, reaching out to various LGBTQ+ people of all ages. Honey Honey is a story that celebrates queer love and coming of age. We’d love to have proper representation from these communities to breathe authenticity and passion into the project. Read the screenplay here. See scenes, b-roll and dance prompts here. Submit here.

    STEP TWO: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@honeyhoneycommunityfilm). We will be posting updates in regards to tips for submissions, status reports on the creation of the project, and other exciting behind-the-scenes footage.

    STEP THREE: Share the “Be Part of Our Film” graphic (attached) on your social accounts and tag us @honeyhoneycommunityfilm. This will help us get the word out to more people in your network. Simply share this graphic along with the copy “Calling all Creatives! Ninth Planet is making a community film called Honey Honey. You’re invited to record scenes from the screenplay, create dances, or b-roll based on simple prompts shared on their website. Follow @honeyhoneycommunityfilm to submit your video and be featured in the film.”

    DUE DATE: Submissions are open until Saturday, October 31.

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