This is a list of commonly asked tech support questions in using the calendar.  We hope it will be of some assistance before submitting a tech support ticket.

The most common errors that prevent your listing from being posted are:

1. Event title is in all caps
2. Event title has a variety of punctuation marks – !!! () []
3. Event title contains information other than  Company/Individual – Live/Hybrid/Virtual – Name of Show
See other approved events for samples of the correct format

1. Should only tell us about the show and the participants
2. Descriptions should NOT contain information provided in other required fields such as date/time, venue, pricing, ticket links, etc.

1. Links contain tracking code, including FB code.

Artists Rally to Urge Kenney Not to Annihilate Arts. Again.
Artists Rally to Urge Kenney Not to Annihilate Arts. Again.

1. Missing fields
2. No photo or photo is a ridiculous high res image in size
3. Event is really a fundraiser and promoted as such.
4. Multiple events are listed on a single listing.
5. Listing is soliciting for donations, subscriptions, users on social media
6. Event is not occurring in the greater Philadelphia region
7. Any information provided is deemed hurtful, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or otherwise detrimental to a positive arts community.
8. Copyright infringements or other legal issues.


For a guide to adding your event, click here


You can now easily add and RSVP to your event. When creating a new event, click on the +NEW RSVP button under the TICKETS section and fill in the required information before submitting your event.

To view responses/RVSPs and email/download response lists simply be sure you are logged in to your account and then go to your View Events Page.  Just click on Attendees to view.

BEFORE ADDING TICKETING TO YOUR EVENT, Please complete the Seller Agreement   If we do not have a seller agreement in place the ticket option will be removed from your listing.

Click here for a complete guide to selling tickets through your event listing.

Now you can use our plugin to add the calendar to your own WordPress site. Click here to get the FREE plugin with instructions. It is easy to do!

It was decided as a matter of policy to keep the calendar restricted to dance performances and not to include fundraisers.  There are just too many people raising funds for dance with events that do not necessarily include a full dance performance that would be of interest to the general public.

As a matter of policy, we do not cover events occurring at venues in New Jersey or Delaware.  There is a real time expense in terms of server access, maintenance and labor that led to this decision.  Issues around where to draw a border in New Jersey (just southern Jersey or all of New Jersey) and the same in Delaware also exacerbated this situation. As a result we only cover the 5 Philadelphia counties and Allentown region. If you have a dance company in Delaware or New Jersey that is performing in the greater Philadelphia region, you may register and post that event.


STEP 1 – Login with your username and password, Click Here
STEP 2 – Go to your event interface to view, edit or delete your submitted events– Click Here

Thank you for being a paid PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Member. You will still need to create a new username/password and account for use of the calendar.  This service is separate from membership and completely FREE to the dance community.