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The Dance Calendar is for performances only (live, hybrid or virtual) as well as lectures, webinars or similar presentations. Dance classes, workshops and intensives should be posted to the Dance Class Calendar and not here.

Fundraisers or any form of solicitation for donations or advertisement of other services are NOT permitted to be posted to this calendar. If your fundraiser has a performance component, you may add the performance ONLY to the calendar.

All genres of dance, movement, improvisation, dance theater, physical theater and experimental dance are welcome!

Events listed MUST be occurring on the Greater Philadelphia Region – all five counties are acceptable as well as Lehigh Valley.

Any listing that is deemed hurtful, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or otherwise detrimental to a positive arts community will NOT be posted. reserves the right to edit or delete any and all listings submitted.

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All events are moderated/edited before going live for accuracy and to be sure fields are filled in correctly!
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EVENT TITLE – the title should only reflect the name of the dance company and name of the show; XYZ Company presents XYZ Show. DO NOT PUT EVENT TITLES IN ALL CAPS. It will be rejected. DO NOT OUT A VARIETY OF PUNCTUATION MARKS IN THE TITLE  !!! () [] – these will cause your event not to show as they are often associated with program code.

EVENT DESCRIPTION – this should tell us about the performance and what the audience will see. It can also be about the dancers or company presenting. Do NOT put dates, times, links, payment information, or other references to other performances, fundraisers, or solicitations here.

Start/End – put start date, start time, end time, end date  IMPORTANT – if you are running for multiple dates, start date and end date for this first entry MUST BE THE SAME.  The only case where they would be different is if for example your start time was 11pm on day 1 and ends at 1am on next day-day 2.

1. Enter the date, start time and end time for the first date of your show only in the initial field.
2. Click on the button – SCHEDULE MULTIPLE EVENTS
3. Choose if the event is being repeated daily, weekly or monthly. If not a regular pattern choose ONCE.
4. Fill out the fields for the repeating events – note can be same times or different ones.
5. Be sure to put a series end date where required.
6. You can also exclude any dates you like as well.
7. Add

EVENT IMAGE – here you can add the image that will appear with your listing. DO NOT ADD HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES. Images that are too large may slow down your listing or event prevent it from posting altogether. Images should be for web not print and therefore 72dpi.

EVENT CATEGORIES – Click in the box where it says search from existing categories. Add as many categories as you feel appropriate. This helps when the audience is searching for an event.

EVENT TAGS – Click in the box where it says search from existing tags. Add as many tags as you feel appropriate.

VENUE DETAILS – Click on the box and scroll through an alphabetical list of existing venues to find yours. If you do not find a match you can create a new venue and add the required information. To create a new venue start typing the name in the box.

ORGANIZER DETAILS – This is generally information about you or the company – the organizer of the event. If you have posted before, you are most likely in the database. If not you can create your listing here.

INFORMATION & TICKETS – If you are selling tickets other than through our site – put the URL to your ticket page here https://website.  If you are selling tickets through the calendar than simply put a link to your show or company website.

ADDITIONAL FIELDS – check any boxes that are appropriate.
IMPORTANT – check event type: ONLINE OR LIVE

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