[PhiladelphiaDANCE.org Listserv] Summer Flamenco Boot Camp at Pasion y Arte Garage Studio!! June 9th- July 26th!!!

Pasión y Arte info at pasionyarteflamenco.org
Thu Jun 8 13:08:55 EDT 2017

Pasion y Arte will be offering three different levels of Flamenco boot camp
this summer (June 9th-26th) all taught by Elba Hevia y Vaca at the Garage
Studio in Overbrook. There will be technique for all levels: Basic
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced!

All the levels will involve the study of:

·      *Colocacion* (The Flamenco Posture): body work, placement and
understanding center, arm and hand exercises

·      *Footwork:* exercises and drills in relations to the compas (rhythm)
and palos (rhythm family)

·      *Music:* The compas or rhythm of flamenco is the key musical element
that unites the three fundamental forms of expression that make up
flamenco: toque (guitar) cante and baile and is essential in learning and
creating this art form. Flamenco consists of various palos, the difference
between them lies predominantly in the rhythm structure and melody. We will
study the structure through phrase work and rhythm training with palmas.

*Basic Beginner Boot Camp*

*Saturday 10:30-12pm & Thursday 11-12:30am*

Learn the basic posture, and use of the arms, hands and body through
various exercises.

Footwork: learn the basic elements of footwork through repetitions and
various exercises that involve; 1) *golpe *- a stamp with the whole of the
foot striking the floor, 2)* planta* - the ball of the foot striking the
floor, and 3)* tacón* - the heel of the foot which can strike the floor
from the whole foot being lifted up first or dropping when the planta (ball
of the foot) is already on the floor.

Musical training: learn how to listen flamenco rhythms and learn various
patterns of palmas (hand clapping) to these various flamenco rhythms.

Students at the end of the class will learn short segments of variations
and phrase work including Sevillanas Level 1

*Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Flamenco: Flamenco I*

*Saturday 12-1:30 & Wednesday 7-8:30*

For students who have completed at least six to eight months of Beginner
and Advanced Beginner classes, and feel relatively comfortable with all the
material covered in those classes. Intermediate students will have multiple
opportunities to perform complete choreographies throughout the year.

Our concentration in this level will be to increase strength, speed and
musicality in footwork. We will explore more complex advance footwork
technique, arm work and incorporate them into our bodies as well as
find expression and embodiment of the movement. This class will concentrate
on rhythms of Tangos, Alegrias and Solea por Buleria and further
investigate the ways of clapping, the accents and common variations for
these different flamenco families.

*Advanced Level- Flamenco II*

*Monday & Thursdays* *7-8:30pm*

Students at this level should have a background of at least three years of
flamenco dance instruction, and have solid knowledge of a wide range of
flamenco technique. Classes will focus on improving musicality and speed of
footwork, body coordination in more complex combinations, turns, and
learning to identify and work with a range of musical palos (styles). In
addition, advanced dancers will study improvisation for Bulerias, listening
and responding to live music, and will learn phrase work and choreographies
for performance opportunities throughout the year.

Cost is $15 for drop in or $78 for a 6 class card, discounts for students
and dance professionals are available upon request*.*

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