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The premiere of situation:becoming at thefidget space

fidget, a platform for the collaborative work of Megan Bridge, choreography and Peter Price, time-based media, will premiere situation:becoming, an evening length quartet performed by Megan Bridge, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Mauri Walton, and Annie Wilson at thefidget space in April and May 2012. There will be a total of seven shows, Thursday April 26th–Saturday April 28th at 8pm, Sunday April 29 at 2pm, and Thursday May 3rd–Saturday May 5th at 8pm.

A commingling of choreography by Bridge and video and music by Price, situation: becoming creates a meta-situation in which performers’ identities are not fixed, a world in a perpetual state of becoming.  Breathy and warm, spare and rich, the work is about citation and appropriation.  Directly quoting movement supplied by choreographer Neil Greenberg, it questions authorship and where you are when you are and aren’t, “in your body.” situation: becoming’s choreography oscillates at the juncture of the post-human and the every day. It is precise, organic, fleshy, lean: it is about presence.  Seven performance events will unfold in the factory/loft/lounge of thefidget space.

fidget’s research for situation: becoming  was initiated in the Process Project, a performance-based improvisational practice founded in 2009 that hinges on in-depth dialogue with audiences.  For situation: becoming, fidget also brings on a creative team with dramaturgy by Laura Vriend, costumes by Heidi Barr, and lighting design by Lauren Mandilian.

In June 2009, Bridge and Price opened thefidget space, a warehouse, research laboratory, and hub for new forms of art, media, and performance in Kensington.  Fostering a pocket of rich artistic experimentation, they have dedicated much of the past three years to research, writing, and curation, inviting artists with big ideas to inhabit the space and welcoming interdisciplinary art making and discourse.  With situation: becoming, Bridge and Price  explore thefidget space as a site-specific venue for their latest collaboration.

fidget’s dances are dark worlds populated by post-human, biological, mechanic entities–bodies,  video, sound. Bridge and Price create awkward dystopias, referential and even appropriationist, grounded in the discourses of contemporary art, culture, and theory – we like experiments.  Focusing on the materiality of movement, sound, and environment, fidget’s work can be seen as a sort of metaphysical spelunking: churning up bits of evidence with which to construct a biological commentary on the effects of our mechanic and increasingly compartmentalized existence.

fidget’s mission is to promote and support experimental and interdisciplinary art making; to provide a platform for the creative and collaborative work and research of Megan Bridge, dance/performance/choreography and Peter Price, sound/video/digital and time-based media, and to provide a platform for discursive collaboration between the arts and contemporary theory. As artists, researchers, and curators fidget aims to challenge conceptual paradigms in the arts and humanities and to deepen thinking about culture and the nature of human experience. At home in Philadelphia fidget performs in theaters, galleries, universities, warehouses, and nightclubs. On tour, fidget has performed in New York, Berlin, Dresden, Johannesburg, and Vienna.

thefidget space, 1714 N. Mascher St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19122
Tickets: $10-$20 sliding scale; $8-$15 online discount
Shows are intimate and only hold 20 max. audience members per show.
Purchase online at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/238397
More information at  www.thefidget.org

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